The benefits of ultrasonic sieving machine of magnetic powder

The benefits of ultrasonic sieving machine of magnetic powder

What are the benefits of sieving magnetic powder with an ultrasonic sieving machine? Magnetic powder, a hard magnetic single domain particle. It is made into a magnetic paste with adhesives, solvents, etc., and coated on the surface of a plastic or metal base (support) to make magnetic recording materials such as magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, and magnetic cards. Magnetic powder is the core component of magnetic coatings and the main factor that determines the magnetic properties of magnetic recording media.

Our customers who screen magnetic powder only use the vibro sifter machine, so they often blind the screen, so the customer is troubled. Later, At exhibition, the customer learned about the EVERSUN machinery ultrasonic system, so the customer contacted EVERSUN machinery to explain the requirements to our engineers. Our engineers finally recommended an ultrasonic sieving machine with a diameter of 1200mm.

The ultrasonic system creates additional ultrasonic vibration on the surface of the sieve, which prevents clogging of the nets with powder, and also extends the life of the sieve. The Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaning System efficiency allows highly efficient sieving of powders of 20-200 μm.

Ultrasonic sieving machine is ideal solution for the difficulty of screening strong adsorptive materials, static electricity-producing materials, easy coacervation materials and light proportion materials. They are widely used in industry of Silicon carbide (325-500mesh), electromagnetic powder, cathode materials, laser powder, carbon powder, coating powder, alloy powder, molybdic powder, stainless steel powder, wolfram powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, quartz powder, malt powder, spore powder, xylitol, etc.

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