Forms like ceramic powder, clay slurry, glaze are typical materials to be sifted in the production process. To help our clients get excellent quality of raw materials, our engineers study these industries carefully to fully understand every process. Then, perfect sieving, sifter&filtering solutions will come to us.

Pls check parts of materials that we are handling with, or your may contact us for one customized sieving solutions.

The Eversun Group creates one sieving machine specially for ceramic clay, which is a highly viscous slurry material. The high-frequency vibration breaks up the slurry into discrete liquid molecules, which makes it easier to separate impurities. This Eversun machine type has many characteristics, including high screening precision, large processing capacity and stable equipment quality,etc.

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Due to the viscousness of the ceramic glaze, the honing property is strong, and the damage to the screen is extremely great, especially the grid frame using the sub-mesh structure, the child mesh is subjected to the friction of the material while being subjected to friction with the parent mesh. Therefore, the screen has a shorter service life. It brings unnecessary losses, which in turn increases production costs. The ceramic glaze vibration sieving machine of VSM group use a single-layer screen, only child mesh, thus reduce the friction with the parent grid, and extend the life of the screener.

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In the screening of ceramic powder, it is mainly used to remove large particles and impurities in the ceramic powder to ensure uniformity of fineness, meanwhite, does not affect the smoothness of the manufactured ceramics. The equipment produced by Eversun Group can achieve this, and it has the characteristics of high screening precision, large processing capacity and stable equipment quality.

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A quality screening inspection solution to ensure the cement processing industry production quality.

Recommended products: Tumbler screenerLinear vibrating screen.