Double Cone Mixer

Mixing barrel volume(L): 2 to 8000

Mixing loading weight(KGS): Based on different model

Machine weight(KGS): 15 to 1700

Adjustable frequency(RPM): 3 to 17

Power(KW): 0.09 to 15

Price range(USD): 2000 – 30000

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What is Double Cone Mixer?

Eversun double-cone mixer is one kind of mixing equipment with high efficiency. It is used for the uniform mixing of various powdery and granular materials. The materials can be sufficiently mixed under the continuous rotating of double-cone bucket.

The working principle is following, put differet materials into the double-cone bucket by vacuum conveyor or manually feeding, seal the bucket cover, start the machine, the double-cone bucket will start to rotating,at the same time, the agitating vane inside will also start to work. The materials will start to mix during the rotating process, and the agitating vane will break those agglomerated materials.

Eversun double-cone mixer are now widely used into the industries of magnetic powder, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, feed and so on.

Eversun Double Cone Mixer


The Advantage of Eversun Double Cone Mixer

1. Smart Engineering Structure——Eversun double-cone mixer is designed by our engineers with smart structure. The bucket, agitatingvane and other parts are combined under one reliable structure and driven only by one motor.So the maintenance will be very simple.

2.Enclosed Sealing Structure——The bearing of double-cone mixer adopts the dust-proof treatment of mechanical seal, which guarantee one fully enclosure.  The powder will not leak into the bearing and damage them.

3. ISO, CE and GMP Qualified——All our double cone mixers are certified by ISO and CE, also they are qualified for GMP standard.

4.Quick Release Output valve——Eversun double cone mixer use quick release output valve, which makes the operation very easy.


How to Buy One Suitable Double Cone Mixer

To select one suitable double cone mixer, you just simply need to inform our professional engineers about your materials, mixing volume and mixing capacity. Our engineers will choose one suitable model based on your use condition. You may confirm the design or if you want to add more customized function, just let our people know, we will do the adjustment based on your request.

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