Feeding particle size: customizable


Output particle size: 10-30 mm or customized


Drive mode: electric drive


Crushing degree: medium crusher


Application fields: wood, plastic, paper shell, etc.

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Shredder product introduction

EVERSUN Shredder is generally used to shred hard-to-break plastics, rubber, large tires, large nylon materials, large fishing nets, large pipes, fibers, paper, wood, cables, cardboard, circuit boards, wood, plastic barrels, and other solid objects. The main function of this equipment is to crush bulk materials and large-diameter drum materials that are inconvenient to transport through the shearing of the shredder and shred them into sheet materials that meet the requirements.

The shredder produced by EVERSUN is mainly composed of motor, hard tooth surface reducer, rotary knife shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, machine base, box body, working platform, and other main structures. The machine has a long service life, strong cutting ability, high production capacity, a high degree of automation, and easy operation.

ShredderShredder product features

1. The gearbox of the shredder is welded by steel plate, with high precision, good contact, low noise and long service life;
2. The transmission parts of the shredder are connected by a coupling, which can reduce vibration, protect the main shaft and reducer, and not damage the force;
3. The motor of the machine adopts copper core motor, which can reduce energy consumption and the motor has a long service life;
4. The machine can add wheels to facilitate the movement of the machine, saving time, labor and worry;
5. The machine has a high degree of automation, PLC control can be selected, the operation is simple, and the shredding process can be completed only by pressing the buttons on the machine;
6. A variety of cutter structures are available. The cutter body structure can be divided into single-claw cutter body, double-claw cutter body, or multi-claw cutter body. The cutter body can also be divided into integral cutter body and assembled cutter body;
7. This machine adopts a closed side feeding bin, and the closed design can prevent the material from rebounding or splashing during the crushing process;
8. The frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, and is very strong.

EVERSUN is an enterprise specializing in the production and manufacture of shredders. Our company focuses on the production of single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, small shredders, crushers, etc., which are widely used in metallurgy, electrical appliances, cartons, papermaking, printing, rubber, plastics, chemicals, food, and other industries. EVERSUN can design drawings of various specifications according to customer requirements and is committed to producing high-precision and difficult shredders for you.

Shredder application materials

Industrial waste/domestic waste-domestic waste, waste wood, kitchen waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, factory waste, glass fiber reinforced plastics, waste cans, etc;

Biomass-branch, leaves, straw, corn cobs, wheat straw, bark, bananas Trees, straw, garden waste, etc;

Recycling waste – waste tires, waste paper, waste plastics, plastic bottles, chemical barrels, aluminum materials, etc;

Destruction of product documents – computer hard drives, documents, substandard products, expired drugs, plastic parts, etc;

Waste treatment – medical waste, radioactive materials, organic waste, hazardous solid waste, etc;

Metal solid waste – paint buckets, paint cans, tin cans, metal briquettes, aluminum waste, etc.

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