Jar Can Powder Filling Machine

Jar Can Powder Filling Machine

Container Size: Directly dosing by auger

Filling Speed: 15-40 bottles per min

Filling Accuracy:  ±0.5-2%(according to the material )

Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz

Hopper Volume: 25-50L

Optional Function: Container lifting and dosing by weighing function

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What is Jar Can Powder filling Machine?

It is mainly suitable for packing cans/jars/bottles of all kinds of powder materials. Such as spices powder, coffee powder, protein powder, grains powder, nutritional powder, chicken powder, milk powder, and so on. The machine models of the production line can be configured according to customers’ products and requirements, such as unscrambling, sterilizing, filling, vacuum and nitrogen flushing, sealing, capping, labeling, and coding.

(Machine can be customized based on your need)

Structure and performance specification

1. Twin-screw head filling, main filling, and supplementary filling, Servo and pneumatic system control tank and horizontal moving tank, accurate positioning and fast speed, stable performance, and high accuracy.
2. Changing screws can measure different weights and precision.
3. Adopted 1.5mm thickness 304 stainless steel for the whole frame.
4. Organic glass is made of imported acrylic, with a thickness of 8-10mm, high-end atmosphere.
5. There are two weight sensors under the container tray, fast and slow filling according to pre-set weight, ensuring the accuracy of canning, and having the function of weight elimination at the end of equipment configuration.
6. All 304 stainless steel structure, horizontal opening transparent container, can be opened for cleaning without tools, easy to clean.
7. Equipped with dust removal device and negative pressure pipe, it can effectively suck away the raising powder in the filling process and effectively protect the workshop environment.
How to choose filling Machine
First of all, you need to determine which products you want to pack. We will help you choose the right packaging machine; Secondly, the filling machines we produce are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the degree of automation, you need to tell us the degree of automation you want; Thirdly, tell us the quantity you want to achieve, packing speed, packing weight, packing size and packing form; Finally, please tell us the material of the packaging machine you need, the general choice of material is plastic, stainless steel, ABS.

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