After years of research, for chemical industry, a wide range of customized sieving&sifter equipment can be selected by our clients to handle all forms of chemical materials, from powder, granule, liquid to any other heterogeneous mixture form.

Please check the typical materials below to choose what machines are suitable for you, or you can contact our engineers for more options.


Rubber powder

We have professional experience in the rubber field. We understand that due to the light weight of the rubber itself and its certain elasticity, it is floculated after being ground into a fine powder by a mill. In the screening process, it is easy to stick into the screen like a fiber. With our modern vibro sifter and ultrasonic system, you can solve this problem easily and overcome a series of problems such as static electricity, clumping, and sieve-blocking.

Recommended products: Vibro sifter machine. Ultrasonic sieving machine. Linear vibrating screen.

The screening of plastics is mainly for the recycling of plastic raw materials, waste plastics, plastic granules, resin chips, and fillers.We can provide you with best sieving machines and solutions.

Recommended products:  Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen. Air-flow sifter machine.

Eversun equipment solves the problem of pigment for high viscousness and easy-blocking the screen, and the problem of dust and pollution, eliminates the waste of raw materials, and creates one clean workspace and more profits for clients.

Recommended products: Vibro sifter machineAir-flow sifter machine.

We understand that different industries have different requirements for glass powder, glass beads and glass fiber. For example, for different application, the size of glass powder, the length of glass fiber and the size of glass beads are different. Professional screening equipment is graded according to different application requirements. We can provide suitable solutions according to different situations to improve your product performance.

Recommended products: Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen.