Air-flow Sifter Machine

Air-flow Sifter Machine

  • Product type: Automatic
  • Sieving precision: ≤500 mesh or ≥0.028mm
  • Power(KW): 2.2-3
  • Structure materiaoption:316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel.
  • Service:Customized machine can be available
  • Price(USD): 2500-7500
  • Application: Medicine powder, Flour, Light ingredients, etc
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Production Introduction

The unique design of airflow sifter machine makes itself efficiently separate ultra light fine materials, such as pharmacy powder.

The airflow sifter machine is cylindrical and placed in the machine body, and the material is mixed with the airflow after passing through the screw conveyor system. The atomized materials enters the wire cylinder, and the material is subjected to the centrifugal force and the cyclone propulsion force through the wind turbine blade inside the wire cylinder, so that the material is sprayed through the sieve, and fine material is discharged from the fine material discharge port, and the oversized material that cannot pass through the sieve is discharged from the other port.

Features & Advantages

  • The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, stable and vibration-free, no noise, good airtightness, no dust, high efficiency;
  • The shell structure is novel, the installation is simple, and the control is convenient;
  • It can be used in single or multi-machine, continuous operation for a long time, safe and reliable;
  • The screen is washed by the cyclone, which can automatically clear the net;
  • The crushing function is applied to the agglomerated material;
  • New type of outer spherical bearing to extend the service life;
  • The machine can be matched with the pneumatic conveying system and directly connected to the airway to save resources;
  • The new design, the gas protection system will be able to purify the air and send it to both ends of the equipment, which can effectively reduce the temperature produced during the operation of the equipment
  • Can be specially designed to meet special requirements

 Application Material

EVERSUN airflow sifter machine is widely used in a variety of difficult-to-sift fine powder, Such as light calcium powder, activated calcium powder, activated carbon powder, starch, Chinese medicine powder, mica powder, fly ash powder, zinc powder, graphite powder, quartz sand, gold powder, clay powder, hawthorn powder, fruit and vegetable powder, calcium hydroxide powder, pesticide powder, Konjac powder, phosphor, wood powder, flour, epoxy resin powder, manganese dioxide, sulfur powder, aluminum oxide powder, baklava powder, magnesium oxide, perlite powder, iron powder, etc.

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