Ribbon Blender

Mixing barrel volume(L): 300 to 8000 or customized
Construction materials: Carbon steel, SUS304/316
Additional functions: Adjustable mixing speed, Mixing time regulation
Customized configuration: Spray system, heating system and cooling system
Mixing loading weight(KGS): Based on different models
Machine weight(KGS):  Based on different models
Adjustable frequency(RPM): 0 to 33
Power(KW): 3 to 37
Price range(USD): 4000 – 30000

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What is Ribbon Blender?

Ribbon blender, also called as ribbon mixer, is one kind of slot type mixer for powder, granule and paste. According to different usage conditions, the ribbon blender can add functions such as spraying, heating, cooling, and speed regulation. With 30 years experience, Eversun machinery design kinds of ribbon blender production lines for the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials.,etc.

The main components of Eversun ribbon blender are U type container, ribbon mixing blades, observation window, air valve, transmission parts, motor and control system. During the mixing process, the materials in container are doing mixing movement driven by the ribbon spiral mixing blade.

Eversun Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

Working Principle of Ribbon Blender

The ribbon blades are generally made of double or triple layers. All the layers are installed on one single horizontal axis, and the inner layers and outer layers are doing opposite rotations during the mixing process. The inner layers drive the materials from the center to the sides, the outer layers gather the materials from the sides to the center. The material forms a vortex in the flow during these two movements to speed up the mixing speed and improve the uniformity.

One regular ribbon blender production line

Ribbon Blender

Bulk bag unloader / Small bag dump station — vacuum conveyor — ribbon blender — vacuum conveyor — packging machine

Features of Ribbon Blender

  • High mixing efficiency, Evenly mixed products – With multiple-blade structure, Eversun ribbon blender can efficiently mix the materials and ensure that the materials are evenly mixed.
  • Stable and reliable function, low noise – Eversun ribbon blender is a multifunctional mixing equipment with stable operation, reliable quality, low noise.
  • Speed adjustable, timing function – The operators can adjust mixing speed and set the mixing time based on actual use conditions.
  • Multi-function of spray, heating, and cooling – Additional configuration of spray, heating and cooling systems can be added based on the clients’ request.
  • Customized service – Eversun machinery can provide kinds of customized service to the ribbon blender to meet the needs of clients.
  • Long service life, low maintenance cost – With a reliable structure and professional production process, Eversun ribbon blender can have one stable work condition to guarantee the production process of clients.

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