Pouch Packing Machine

Measuring scope: 20-10000g

Bag size: Length: 80-1000mm  width:50-580mm

Packing speed: 5-60 bags/min(Related to materials)

Film width: Max.1200

Film thickness: 0.04-0.12

Film diameter: Max.400

Optional function: Gas flushing device(nitrogen, air, oxygen)

Application: Powder, granule

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What is Pouch Packing Machine?

In order to meet the packaging needs of various powders and granules in the fields of medicine, food, and chemical industry, Eversun machinery designs and produces pouch packing machines. It is one kind of fully automatic packing equipment without manual work. High packaging efficiency, precise metering device, and visual control interface ensure that our equipment can meet the packaging needs of various fields.

Features of Pouch Packing Machine

  1. The whole machine realizes visual operation through the full computer touch screen, which is simple and convenient. Customers can set the packaging size, packaging quantity, packaging weight, and other parameters according to their needs. The internationally famous brand PLC control system can automatically complete a series of packaging processes such as bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, cutting, counting, and coding.
  2. The metering device is composed of a servo-driven motor and a metering screw, which performs precise metering and stable operation according to customer settings.
  3. The stepping motor, color mark positioning, and intelligent photoelectric control device ensure the integrity of the packaging pattern. Stable performance, convenient adjustment, and accurate detection.
  4. The equipment complies with GMP and CE standards, and the whole machine is made of 304 /316 stainless steel.
  5. Different packaging methods meet different packaging needs. Customers can choose three forms of back seal, three-side seal, and four-side seal according to their needs. You can choose one of the three methods of flat knife, sawtooth, and dot-dash line for sealing.
  6. Eversun machinery has many years of professional experience in manufacturing automated production lines to ensure that each piece of equipment can be compatible with various production lines according to customer needs.

How to Choose the Right Pouch Packing Machine

Eversun machinery has a professional team of engineers who will provide you with information such as packaging size, material name, etc., and provide you with customized solutions. Please contact us today.

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