Shape: Straight and corrugated shape


Material: Rubber, silicone


Diameter: Customized


Type: Round and square


Advantages: Heat-resistant,acid-resistant


Price (USD):15~16

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Sleeves product description

Sleeves also called soft connections, can be added to the inlet and outlet of the screening machine and conveyor to keep the materials clean and prevent dust from flying when the materials are transported to the screening machine and conveyor or transferred to another place.

Sleeves product feature

1. Sleeves with large throughput, breathable uniform, friction resistance, anti-static, and so on.
2. Beautiful appearance, internal smooth workmanship, easy installation, and service life can be used millions of times.
3. Connection mode of soft connection: flange connection (Angle steel, A3 steel plate, stainless steel, PVC), sleeve connection.
4. Soft connection specifications, the sizes can be made according to customer requirements.
5. The shape of the soft connection is round and square, and different shapes can be customized according to the actual use of
6. Soft link properties: compressible, vertical use. Shock absorption, noise reduction, lightweight, non-toxic.

Sleeves application case

The following figure shows a few examples of our use of soft connections, which are connected to the tumbler screen outlet, the straight screen outlet, and the rotary vibrating screen outlet. If you want to know more about the use of this accessory, please contact us.

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