BFM Fittings

Steel joint inner diameter: 100mm-1650mm


Soft connection inner diameter: 100mm-1650mm


Soft connection length: 100mm-2000mm


Steel joint material: SS304L and SS316L


Soft connection material: transparent polyurethane, breathable polyester, PTFE, Kay Flar


Application: dry dust or powder, instead of traditional soft connection

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BFM fitting product description

The BFM fitting is a pipe fitting used to connect powder processing equipment and pipelines. Its main function is to compensate for displacement and stress caused by equipment or pipeline vibration and to transport powder. It has a steel joint with an inner card slot + a soft connection that matches the rebound snap seal. The BFM fitting can ensure the normal operation of the equipment under high temperature, positive pressure, and other working conditions.

BFM fitting product advantages

1. In terms of sealing, the powder is 100% leak-free, and the sealing performance is higher than any soft connection on the market.

2. The inner surface of the BFM inner card soft connection design interface is smooth, and there will be no dust accumulation under working conditions.

3. Easy to install, 30 Fast installation in seconds, without any tools, at the same time, it is easy to clean.

4. Easy to replace, save time and cost, can be disassembled by hand without tools, and the soft connection can self-rebound after being placed in the correct position.

5. Can withstand a certain positive and negative pressure, and can work under positive and negative pressure.

6. Transparent and visible, easy to observe the material in the equipment.

7. Safe and secure, the product has passed the strictest test and complies with GMP and HSE specifications.

8. Standardized product specifications, easy maintenance, and management.

BFM fitting applied range

EVERSUN BFM fitting replaces the traditional soft connection and is used to connect powder processing equipment and pipeline fittings. Some connection types of equipment are as follows:

  • Rotary vibrating screen, tumbler screen, and other screening equipment;

  • Vacuum conveyor, screw conveyor, and other conveying equipment;
  • Pipeline;
  • Inlet and outlet of silo and barrel;
  • Rotary valve;
  • Metal detector;
  • Double cone mixer, 3D mixer, and other mixing equipment.

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