“Every set of sieving machine can be customized.” Our skillful engineers always have the confidence to promise that to clients from almost every industry. With 30 years of production experience and great engineering expertise, our factory can deign and build every part of vibro sifter machines, Liquid filter, conveying or mixing systems to create the most efficient machines for any material, no material it’s fine material, such as powder, food, medicine, or rough material, such as fertilizer, garage,etc.

Below are just parts of the industries commonly served by us, you may check it to have one better idea for what machines are suitable for you. And you are always be invited to consult our engineer about sieving machines for any specific industry.(contact us)

Six small white bowls with red pepper, yellow beans and spices

We offer high performance, food safety standard sieving, filtration and separation equipment.

Different colors of pills, capsules

GMP standards should be met by our sieving machine and separator for the pharmaceutical industry.

Several chemical test tubes contain different colored liquids, and a dropper is dropping liquid into a container

High-performance screening equipment produces efficient separation of powder, particles etc.

Arranged in rows of pale blue China bottles

We understand the requirements of each process in the ceramics . Customized solutions will be provided.

Vast green farmland

From grain to tea to tobacco, all need our sieving, sapartor and filtration equipment.


Our large-scale mine screeners improve screening efficiency and increase corporate profits.


From plastic recycling to wastewater filtration, our equipment contributes to environmental protection.


VSM Group provides high quality sieving separation solutions for the papermaking industry.