The strict demand of pharmaceutical industry makes our company design and create many high standard models of sieving machines and filters. 30 years of production experience sharpens the performance of our equipment. Long-life, noise-free, stainless, clean working space, etc…all these features are acquired by our machines.

You may find some applications of pharmacy materials below or you may contact our engineer to get one perfect sieving solution for your items.

Doctor holding medicine in his hand


medicine powder

Our equipment has strict control over dust in the screening of powders. Eversun sieving equipment has a unique beam loop sealing device, and the motor is packaged in copper wire to prevent dust leakage.

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Granule medicine

The Eversun screening machine has one unique amplitude and frequency design method, so that the dry pills are not broken, the wet pills are not deformed, and the particles are more thoroughly separated.

Recommended products:Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen.

medicine liquid

Any pharmaceutical company needs to do strict filtration and purification when making liquid medicines. In order to avoid impurities and pollution, the liquid must be filtered before packaging to ensure good quality. We can handle this process properly and provide a perfect solution.

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