Laboratory Mixer

Laboratory Mixer

Volume:5~20 L or customized

Mixing Capacity: 1~10 L or customized

Mixing Time: Adjustable

Power: 0.25~0.5kw

Construction Materials: 316L, SS304

Price: 500~2000USD

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What is Laboratory Mixer?

Eversun Machinery laboratory mixer is a small mixing equipment, it is widely used in scientific research institutions, laboratories and other occasions for quantitative mixing of powder or particles. The equipment is made of all stainless steel. According to the experimental requirements, the mixing time, mixing speed and other parameters can be set to achieve various experimental purposes.

Features of Laboratory Mixer

  1. The overall design is novel, the structure is compact, the appearance is beautiful, the mixing uniformity reaches 99%.
  2. Low rotation height, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient operation;
  3. The inner and outer walls of the barrel are all mirror-polished, no dead corners, easy to discharge, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and no cross contamination;
  4. Fully meet the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

Our Services

Please inform us of your usage requirements, su  ch as the mixing amount, the name and density of the mixing materials, and other information you need to inform. Eversun Machinery engineers will recommend the appropriate model for you to choose according to your needs.


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