Accessory equipment

  • Hopper Silo

    • Volume: Customized
    • Shape: Customized
    • Structure material optional: SS 316L, SS 304, Carbon steel
    • Optional accessories: Vibrator, Load cell.,etc
  • Rotary Valve

    Discharge capacity(L/r): 2-14

    Inner diameter(mm): 150-300

    RPM(r/min): 24-33

    Construction materials: Carbon Steel, SS304, SS316

    Power(KW): 0.75-2.2

    Optional features: Control system, conventor, explosion-proof

    Price(USD): 1500-10000

  • BFM Fittings

    Steel joint inner diameter: 100mm-1650mm


    Soft connection inner diameter: 100mm-1650mm


    Soft connection length: 100mm-2000mm


    Steel joint material: SS304L and SS316L


    Soft connection material: transparent polyurethane, breathable polyester, PTFE, Kay Flar


    Application: dry dust or powder, instead of traditional soft connection

  • Sleeves

    Shape: Straight and corrugated shape


    Material: Rubber, silicone


    Diameter: Customized


    Type: Round and square


    Advantages: Heat-resistant,acid-resistant


    Price (USD):15~16

  • Detection Magnets

    Dry and wet type: Dry iron remover


    Magnetic field strength: High strength


    Magnetic system: Strong magnetic


    Processing capacity: Customizable


    Dimensions: Customizable


    The number of magnetic coefficients: Multi-magnetic level


    Application: Material removal of iron and separation of iron-containing impurities