V Type Mixer Machine

V Type Mixer Machine

Mixing barrel volume(L): 2 to 8000

Mixing loading weight(KGS): Based on different model

Machine weight(KGS): 15 to 1700

Adjustable frequency(RPM): 3 to 17

Power(KW): 0.09 to 15

Price range(USD): 2000 – 30000

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What is V type mixer?

As one high-efficiency asymmetric mixer, the V-type mixer is widely used for mixture of powder and granule in kinds of industries, such as agriculture, chemical, medicine, feed, coating, cosmetics and so on. The V-type mixer has features of evenly mixing, high efficiency and avoid the materials accumulation. The fully enclosed structure also guarantee no leakage of materials during mixing process. The V-type mixer is one kind of basic mixing equipment in many industries.

Eversun V type mixer

V Type Mixer Machine

Working principle of V type mixer?

The V type mixer are equipped with one motor and one reducer. The motor will be connect with the reducer with one belt. When the motor is power on, it will drive the running of reducer. Then coupled with the reducer, V -shaped barrel will start running to mix the inside materials up, down, left and right.

Application range

The V-type mixer is suitable for the mixing of powder and granules with good material flowability and small material differences. Since the material in the V-shaped mixing barrel flows smoothly and will not destroy the original shape of the material, the V-shaped mixer is also suitable for mixing granular materials that are easy to break and wear, or finer powder, lumps, and materials containing a certain amount of water.

V Type Mixer Machine

How to Choose One Suitable V type Mixer?

The mixing volume of  V type mixer can be customized based on different use condition, from 10 L to 5000L. The users just need to tell our engineers the materials they want to mix and their target mixing capacity, our engineers will choose the suitable model and make the design drawing for clients’ reference. After everything is confirmed, we will start the production accordingly.

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