spiral elevator

Diameter of groove(mm): 300-900
Conveyor height(m): ≤6.0
capacity(t/h): 1.0-4
Power(KW): 2*(0.4-3.0)
Price(USD): 3300-16000

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What is spiral elevator? 

Spiral elevator is a new type of vertical vibratory conveying equipment, which can complete the drying and cooling of materials while lifting the materials upward. There are open or enclosed models for machine structure.  And based on different use conditions, the spiral elevator can be customized to realize different conveying purposes, such as conveying height, conveying capacity, or to transfer flammable and combustible materials.

Working principle of spiral elevator

When the spiral elevator works, the vibration motor generates an excitation force, forcing the entire conveying equipment body to perform one composite vibration of horizontal circular motion and upward vertical motion, then the material in the spiral groove will do the movement by this vibration. The function is to throw a circular motion at a constant speed and move upwards along the conveying groove to complete the upward (or downward) conveying operation of the material.

Advantage of Spiral Elevator

  1. Small area occupication
    It’s very easy to install the spiral elevator, the machine only take up very small area.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving
    The spiral elevator has the features of light weight, high efficiency and energy saving
  3. Easy operation and maintenance
    The operation of machine is quite simple for workers and it’s very easy to do the maintenance.
  4. Qualified for GMP stadard
    The spiral elevator can meet the request of GMP standard. It can be easily cleaned. No contamination to materials



How to choose the right spiral elevator?

If you want to find the most suitable spiral elevator for your use condition, you just need to provide below information to our engineers: what materials you want to convey, what capacity you want and what conveying height you need, our engineers will design the machine based on your actual needs. 

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