Screw Conveyor

Conveying length(m): Customized
Conveying height(m): Customized
Diameter of screw(mm): 100-1250
Screw pitch(mm): 100-630
Adjustable angle: ≤ 60 degrees or 90 degrees
Max capacity(t/h): 2.2-385
Power(KW): 1.1-75
Price(USD): 1500-30000

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What is screw conveyor?

Screw conveyor is a effective conveying equipment which uses the motor to drive the screw to rotate and push the material to realize the purpose of conveying. It can be used for horizontal, oblique or vertical transportation. With the advantages of simple engineering structure, it is widely used in the industries of food, medicine, chemical, plastics and so on.

Screw conveyor is divided into two types of horizontal conveyor and vertical conveyor from the angle of displacement direction conveyed material.
It is one effective conveying equipment and mainly used for all kinds of powder, particles, small block and loose material transport and vertical lifting, it is not suitable for conveying perishable material, high viscosity easy to agglomerate or high temperature material, less pressure resistant, and have greater corrosive special material.

(Customized screw conveyor for any industry)

Main Features

1. The machine is flexible engineering structure, it is mainly composed of motor, shell tube and spiral.
2. The inlet and outlet can be made based on the work of scene. And the angle of inclination can also be adjusted according to actual needs. It can be      easily fixed with other ancillary equipment for different purposes.
3. The inner spiral blade is precisely crafted to realize the best conveying situation.
4. You can install the induction device to automatically control adjustment of screw conveyor for different material level.
5. Each part conveying equipment can be customized base on specific needs.

The screw conveyor is suitable for food, medicine, chemical, plastics and other industries powder granular material delivery. Can be matched with our packaging machine to achieve material level tracking automatic feeding, can also be used alone in other occasions. In addition to motor, bearing, the rest of the rack made of stainless steel. Can be free to move, in the horizontal, tilt, vertical and other positions can be continuous delivery, it has a good seal, no dust leakage. Can be directly connected with its supporting equipment fixed, do not need foundation basis, make full use of plant space

How to buy one suitable screw conveyor for yourself?

Before you purchase one suitbale screw conveyor, the professional engineers of Eversun Machinery will have one detailed discussion with you to fully understand your application condition, such as conveying length, conveying height and conveying capacity and other important infomation, then based on your needs, we will give the most suitable design of screw conveyor for your checking first.

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