5-50kgs Bag Packing Machine

Weighing range: 10-25  25-50 (kg/bag)

Weighing error: ±0.2%

Packing speed: 180-240(bags/hour)(Depends on material characteristics, bag size, bag mouth size)

Control system: PLC

Product type: Automatic

Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6MPA

Price(USD): 3000-9000

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What is 5-50kgs Bag Packing Machine?

The 5-50 kgs bag packing machine is one advanced quantitative packaging equipment. It is designed for food, chemcial, feed, fertilizer and other materials, suitable for a variety of packaging bags. Weighing range can be adjusted according to clients’ request.

It is mainly composed of four parts: automatic weighing system, dosing system, conveying device, sewing device, and PLC control system. It integrates feeding, weighing, bag clamping, packaging, conveying, and bag sewing. It has the features of computer automatic measurement, continuous operation, and accurate measurement. It has a complete exhaust system, good sealing performance, double sealing to avoid dust leakage and ensure the high purity of the product.

This machine is mainly suitable for food, daily chemical, condiment, medicine, and other industries. Such as milk powder, grain powder, soy milk powder, cereal, condiments, food additives, laundry powder, salt, coffee, flour, and small granular materials such as chicken, radix isatidis quantitative packaging.

The features of 5-50 kgs bag packing machine

  1. Independent packaging weight input and weighing PLC display window, the display window adopts high-level touch screen display;
  2. The menu operation is simple and intuitive;
  3. Manually assisted bagging (or bucket), pneumatic bag clamping; independent weighing system, high weighing accuracy, and fast speed;
  4. Asynchronous motor controls screw feeding, frequency converter speed regulation, high control precision;
  5. With adjustable functions such as peeling and real-time shooting, data encryption, time display, and other functions;
  6. The single-screw frequency conversion feeding method is adopted, and the fast, medium and slow speed feeding can be used to ensure accuracy;
  7. The packaging machine has a solid structure, a small footprint, and is easy to clean and maintain;
  8. Optional active return air dust removal device can absorb floating dust and effectively keep the site environment clean;
  9. The overall material is all stainless steel.

Working principle of 5-50 kgs bag packing machine

The big and small screw feeding is adopted, the material is pushed into the buffer hopper by the screw through the frequency converter, and the material is sent into the bag through the feeding screw controlled by the frequency conversion. The feeding amount is controlled by controlling the speed and frequency of the screw. Once the material bag is full on the scale, its bag gripper is opened through the control system, and the material bag is sent away through the conveyor belt and sealed with human assistance.

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