Ultra-fine Powder Grinder Machine

Ultra-fine Powder Grinder Machine

Output(kg/h): 30~1000kg

RPM: 2800~6000

Input Material sizes: ≤10mm

Output Materials sizes: 80~400mesh



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What is Ultra-fine Powder Grinder Machine?

The ultra-fine grinder machine is suitable for the industries of medicine, agriculture, food, chemical industry, alloy, metallurgy, geology, scientific research.,etc. With excellent Eversun technology, it can grind various types of Chinese medicine, precious medicinal materials, ores, chemical raw materials into ultra-fine powder, such as donkey-hide gelatin, frankincense, astragalus, notoginseng, hippocampus, dodder, Ganoderma lucidum, licorice, pearl, and other materials with different properties. This grinder is also suitable for food superfine grinding, spice superfine grinding, and condiment superfine grinder.

This machine adopts a high-speed single-phase motor, with precise structure, high efficiency, no dust, clean and hygienic, simple operation, power-saving and safety. It’s also qualified for GMP standards.

Integrated production line of vibration screen and ultra-fine powder grinder

The Working Principle of Ultra-fine Powder Grinder Machine

The raw material enters the crushing chamber through the feed valve and is impacted by the impact hammer, causing the strong collision, friction, and shearing to achieve ultrafine crushing. The pulverized material enters the classification chamber with the rising of the airflow. The material that meets the particle size requirements enters the collection system through the impeller classification, and the particles that do not meet the particle size requirements return to the pulverization chamber to continue pulverization. The entire production process is fully enclosed and continuous operation, without dust pollution.

The Features of Ultra-fine Powder Grinder Machine

1. A new generation of combined pulverization and classification equipment.

2. Ultra-fine powder size can grinded from the range of 7~150μm.

3. Large production capacity

4. Simple operation, clean and hygienic

5. GMP, CE, ISO certified.

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Please contact our Eversun professional engineers, and inform the material name, target fineness and output, we will recommend the appropriate model of ultra-fine powder grinder machine to you according to your needs.

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