Powder Grinder Machine

Output(kg/h): 30~3000kg

RPM: 1600~4500

Input Material sizes: ≤20mm

Output Materials sizes: 60~120mesh



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What is Powder Grinder Machine?

Eversun grinder machines are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to crush different materials for target sizes. Different crushing tools can be selected according to different materials and the crushing tool can be replaced.

Features of each crushing tool for Powder Grinder Machine

  1. The toothed disc cutter is suitable for crushing most materials and is a general-purpose cutter. Advantages: general purpose, high output, uniform fineness.
  2. Hammer blades are suitable for crushing materials with high fiber content such as roots, stems and leaf bark. Advantages: high output, fine fineness.
  3. The wind impeller is an air-cooled crusher, which is suitable for crushing sugar, red dates, wolfberry, extract and other sugar-containing materials. Advantages: large air volume, fast discharging, high output, fine fineness. Disadvantages: easy to generate heat.
  4. The cross hammer cutter is suitable for crushing hard materials, such as notoginseng, pueraria lobata and other massive Chinese medicinal materials.

Working principle of Powder Grinder Machine

When the machine is running at high speed, the movable cutter head and the fixed gear ring collide and friction and the material is crushed by this kind of cutting, collision, friction. Different particle sizes can be obtained by replacing the screen. The inside crushing tools can be changed according to different materials. The dust removal equipment can be customized for a stand-alone machine to meet the high requirements of the production environment.

How to Get the Suitable Powder Grinder for yourself

Please contact the engineers of Eversun Machinery and tell you the name of the material you need to crush, the target fineness and the output. We will recommend the appropriate model to you according to your needs.

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