Vacuum conveyor

Vacuum conveyor

Conveying Capacity: up to 10t/per hour
Conveying distance: up to 50m
Power(KW): 1.5-11
Product type: Automatic
Structure material option:316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel
Customize service: All parts can be customized
Application: Powder, Granules, Bulk Solids and other ingredients.

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What is Vacuum Conveyor?

EVERSUN vacuum conveyor is a kind of advanced vacuum conveying equipment. It is widely used in food, pharmacy, chemical and other industries for the conveyance of powder, granules, bulk solids, pellets, tablets and others. For the transmission of fragile materials, the vacuum feeder can effectively ensure that the materials will not be damaged. At the same time, for all materials, the vacuum feeder ensures that no leakage of materials will occur during transportation and create one friendly work space.

EVERSUN vacuum conveyor is an ideal choice for various enterprises to reach GMP standards. The product can handle materials as small as 0.5 microns, the output can reach up to 10 tons per hour, and the conveying distance can be up to 50 meters. The friendly product structure makes the product convenient for various types of equipment, such as packaging machines, injection Machine, shredder, etc.

The reliable performance of the EVERSUN vacuum conveyor will ensure the safety and efficiency of all materials in the conveying process. So that the work intensity of workers will be dramaticly reduced. Work efficiency  and production capacity can be increased, meanwhile one good and safe working environment will be created


Structure and Working Princeple of EVERSUN Vacuum Conveyor

The EVERSUN vacuum conveyor is mainly composed of air compression device, stainless steel suction pipe, conveying hose, filter, compressed air blowing device, pneumatic discharge door device, vacuum hopper and automatic level control device. During working process, the air compression device will empty the air in the hopper, then suction pipe will suck materials into the vacuum hopper,next the air blowing device will work and blow out the compressed air to push the materials out through discharge door. The entire conveying speed can be simply controlled by the PCB.


The Advantages of EVERSUN Vacuum Conveyor

  • GMP Standard Qualified
    Our vacuum conveyor 100% meet GMP standard and can be used in related industries, like food, pharmacy, etc.
  • High efficiency and safe conveying
    The materials will be carefully conveyed to avoid any damage or abrasions.
  • Convenient Installation and simple operation
    The modular engineering design make our vacuum conveyor very convenient to install or equipped with other machines. Even one in experienced work can acquire the control skill rapidly.
  • Dust-free working space
    The entire conveying process is fully secured to make sure no leakage of materials.
  • Low energy consumption and cost saving
    The vacuum conveyor use energy saving technology to minimum the production cost of plants.


The Application of Vacuum Feeder Conveyor

With years of experience, EVERSUN vacuum conveyor is already widely used in many GMP standard plants to handle powder, granule, bulk solids, pellets, tablets and so on. To provide the best suitable conveying system to every client, we will communicate with our clients sufficiently before providing any conveying equipment. Then based on the realistic situation, our skillful engineers will give the design of vacuum conveyor for clients’ confirmation. For all our vacuum conveyor, every part will be carefully inspected by our QC during the production. After the finish of goods, one video inspection will be applied for our clients. And before final delivery, our engineers will double-check again to make sure 100% good condition of machines.

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