Vertical Screw Conveyor

Conveying length(m): Customized
Conveying height(m): Customized
Diameter of screw(mm): 100-1250
Screw pitch(mm): 100-630
Adjustable angle: ≤ 60 degrees or 90 degrees
Max capacity(t/h): 2.2-385
Power(KW): 1.1-75
Price(USD): 1500-30000

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What is Vertical Screw Conveyor?

The vertical screw conveyor is one typical kind of screw conveyor. With revolving screw, It can efficiently convey the materials from the down side to up side through the vertical trace. By the features of compact structure, simple operation, cost-saving, the vertical screw conveyor is being wildly used in many industries, such as agriculture, pharmacy, chemical.,etc.

As one flexible conveying equipment, it can be customized on height, screw diameter, screw pitch to realize different conveying speed and capacity. Also, based on the actual use condition, there are also inclined screw conveyors, horizontal screw conveyors as options for users.

(Different types of screw conveyor)

Advantage of Vertical Screw Conveyor

1.Customized structure for different conveying purposes
The screw conveyor can be customized on the length, height, angle, diameter, screw pitch to meet all the conveying needs.
2.Fully sealing with seamless steel body
The vertical screw conveyor is made by seamless steel tube and flange connection to guarantee the 100% enclosure.
3.Adaptability with other equipment
The vertical screw conveyor can be simply composed with other equipment as one production line.
4.Cost-saving and easy maintenance
The machine has one long service life with little maintenance cost.

How to choose the right screw conveyor?

To get the most suitable screw conveyor, please let our engineers know below simple information:

  1. The materials you are handling, and the density of it.
  2. The conveying length, conveying height and capacity of you want.
  3. Other information you want us know.

Based on above info, our experienced experts will figure out one perfect design of screw conveyor for your reference. 

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