Bulk Bag Packing Machine

Weighing range: 1-2 ton/bag


Bagging capacity: 0-40 tons/hour


Accuracy: Dynamic weighing ±0.5%


Gas consumption: 0.6m3/min


Dust removal air volume: 800-2500m3/min


Application: Powdery and granular materials

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Product Introduction

The bulk bag packing machine also called bulk bag filling machine, is suitable for quantitative packaging of powdery and granular materials with less moisture and better fluidity. It is widely used in grain, chemical, engineering plastics, fertilizer feed, building materials, and other industries. It can pack many types of bag, such as 1-2 ton bulk bag, FIBC bag, jumbo bag, super sack, big bag, etc. It can be directly connected to the front-end processing line to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, and automated production and packaging.

The bulk bag loading system produced by EVERSUN adopts vibrating feeding (frequency conversion double-speed feeding), upper metering, and precision valves to achieve quantitative filling. The packaging process is controlled by a control cabinet, and other operations except bag hanging and bagging can be automatically completed by the program, so the machine is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation, which can greatly help you improve production efficiency.

The bulk bag packing machine produced by EVERSUN can be tailored for you according to the characteristics of the user’s specific materials and the requirements of the manufacturer, and we can also design non-standard products for you. At the same time, EVERSUN is also a supplier of quantitative packaging and palletizing solutions. We can design production lines and provide solutions for you.

Features & Benefits

1. The bulk bag filling equipment is mainly composed of guardrails, quantitative buckets, cylinders, hooks, entrainment nozzles, control cabinets, stepping motors, frames, belts, ladders, etc. Other components can be selected according to customer requirements.
2. The electric control system of the bulk bag filler is programmable, and the control process is very reliable.
3. Product accessories can be selected according to your needs. The default configuration is domestic and foreign brand components, such as Schneider and Siemens motors.
4. The weighing system of bulk bag filling systems adopts electronic scale platform scale measurement, which can be used for digital proofreading and parameter setting. It has functions such as weight accumulation display, automatic tare, automatic zero calibration, and automatic drop correction.
5. The instrument of the machine is equipped with a communication interface, which is convenient for online networking, and can carry out real-time monitoring and network management of the packaging machine.
6. The machine adopts multi-stage frequency conversion speed regulation and servo drive control, which can be adjusted and controlled according to the user’s requirements for packaging speed. , the performance of the equipment is stable, the packaging precision is high, and the speed is fast.
7. The machine is made of thickened steel, the surface is sprayed with plastic, and stainless steel is optional.

We provide a customized service for the packing machine

Each part of the EVERSUN filling system can be customized according to your needs, we can also produce the machine for you according to your drawings. In addition, special customization such as explosion-proof type, style and so on we also support customization. If you want to know more about the filling machine, please contact us, EVERSUN has a special technical research and development team and excellent salesmen for your service.

◊ Explosion-proof type customization

Conventional materials can be processed by ordinary packing machines, but some flammable and explosive materials, the dust will easily explode when the dust reaches a certain melting point, such as flour, aluminum powder, zinc powder, iron powder, ferrosilicon powder, milk powder, etc. For these packing materials, it is more suitable for us to use explosion-proof packing. EVERSUN supports the production of explosion-proof packing machines. The electric control box, control cabinet, motor, solenoid valve, switch, and flame-retardant wires of the machine, etc are all made of explosion-proof type.

Style customization

According to the on-site usage, various models such as simple type, upper weighing, lower weighing, upper weighing and lower re-inspection can be customized.

(1) Simple type:

The simple bulk bag packing machine does not have a lifting device or a conveying device below, but it will have automatic metering equipment.

(2) Upper weighing type:  The weighing part of the upper weighing is located on the upper part of the machine, and the lifting amount of the oil cylinder is used to calculate the weight of the big bag. The height of the machine is higher.

(3) Lower weighing type:

It means that the weighing part is installed at the bottom of the machine and under the platform, and the weight is calculated by measuring the size of the deformation through the configured load cell.

(4) Re-inspection type:

The re-inspection packing machine refers to the packaging machine with a re-inspection function. When the packing weight exceeds the set range, the system will automatically alarm, and the weight meets the requirements. The bulk bag will continue to be transported forward to the position of the conveyor to be transferred.

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