Lab Sieve Shaker 

  • Layer: 1-8
  • Product type: Automatic
  • Diameter of screen(mm): 200,300
  • Sieving precision: ≤500 mesh or ≥0.028mm
  • Power(KW): 0.125
  • Structure material option: 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel.
  • Customize service:All parts can be customized
  • Application:grain, pharmacy, beverage, chemcial, etc.
  • Price(USD): 700-1000
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Production Introduction

Lab Sieve Shaker is also called automatic sieve shaker and inspection sieve. It is a high-tech fine powder grading equipment suitable for use in the laboratory. It is an effective solution for the clogging of the mesh in the current laboratory for micro-powder sampling. It can be widely used in laboratories of pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical, mineral processing, food and other industries. Lab sieve shaker has the characteristics of high screening capacity, great  filtration precision, and no mesh plugging. It truly solves the problems of plugging mesh casued by agglomeration, static electricity and strong adsorption, which is a major technological breakthrough in the screening industry.

The lab sieve shaker model is divided into SYS-200 type and SYS-300 type according to the sieve diameter. It is designed with panel control of start switch and timer, which is easy to operate and convenient to use. The standard sieve shaker models have corresponding fixtures. It can be installed with 1 to 8 layers of sieves, and multiple samples can be decomposed for the materials tested. With integrated circuit control, the amplitude, frequency and vibration mode can be adjusted. Low noise, light weight and high precision make our lab sieve shaker suitable for inspection and analysis of particle, powder, slurry and so on.


Features & Advantages

1. Simple Operation——control panel with start switch, timer for easily controlling sieving process
2. Up to 9 grades——1 to 8 layers can be installed based on test needs to screen 2 to 9 grades materials.
3. Wide Usage——It can be used for analysis and inspection of powder, particle, slurry, almost all fine materials.
4. Friendly Use——Low noise and light weight, platform operation, no need to fix.
5. Adjustable——It can adjust the frequency, mode and amplitude of vibration at any time for different test purposes.

We support custom services for Lab Sieve Shaker 

1. The machine’s screen frame diameter, screening mesh number, voltage, material, etc. can be customized.

2. The machine supports various types of customization, such as standard inspection screen, explosion-proof lab sieve shaker, ultrasonic lab sieve shaker, flapping screen, magnetic suspension lab sieve shaker, etc.

3. The screen has two kinds of perforated plate and woven wire screen options.

4. The screen bottom is made of high-quality stainless steel with SUS316 corrosion resistance, SUS304 no rust, 08F steel plate (can be chrome plated), aluminum plate, etc.

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