Trommel Screen

  • Diameter of screen(mm): 600-2200
  • Sieving precision(mesh): <100
  • Power(KW): 0.75-30
  • Layer: 1-3
  • Price(USD): 2000-60000
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Trommel Screen product description

The Trommel Screen is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, and inlet and outlet.  Trommel Screen is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries of product classification. It is commonly used in the grading and screening of medium and fine-grained materials

Trommel Screen product feature

1, It adopts the principle of drum conveying, small friction coefficient, light wear, the screen is not easy to plug;

2, The roller support adopts the whole through shaft structure, stable operation, no vibration, and low noise;

3, The internal roller screen accessories with separate design, simple structure, quick and convenient replacement, and maintenance;

4, The body of Trommel Screen adopts a fully sealed structure, with no dust, no pollution;

5, The Trommel Screen is stable and reliable operation, the use of a deceleration drive, high transmission efficiency, small power, low energy consumption, and energy saving effect is obvious 6, the machine can be selected according to customer requirements of different screen material, screen size.

Trommel Screen has a wide range of applications

1. Used for grading large and small stones in the stone yard. And separate out the dirt and stone powder.

2. Separation of sand and stone in the field.

3. The coal industry is used for the separation of lump coal and pulverized coal and coal washing (part of coal washing machinery).

4. Chemical industry, and mineral processing industry for the classification of large and small blocks and separation of powdery substances.

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