Agriculture is one typical industry for the usage of our sieving machines. With years of production experience, you may find all kinds of sifters, filters for your grain materials, no matter the machines are for the process of removing dust,stones, soil or for the process of grading and separating.

Here are the typical grain materials you may find, if your materials are not in them, please contact our engineers for more applications.


The vibrating screen is mainly used for sieving broken tea leaves and strip-shaped tea leaves in the production of tea leaves. The broken tea leaves are generally used for tea triangle bags, and the purpose of any form of screening is generally classified. Eversun Group’s tea vibrating screen is connected at both ends to the inside of the machine body. Under the action of the vibration motor, it vibrates up and down. The screen plate is tilted in the machine body, which is beneficial to automatically remove the fine pieces and non-tea in the tea. Inclusions improve the quality of tea and reduce work intensity.

Recommended products:Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen.

The Eversun Group has a very rich experience in the screening of cereals. Freshly harvested grains are often mixed with heavy particles such as stones and sand, light debris such as chaff, rice straw, and leaf residue, as well as metal debris such as iron filings and iron sheets. If these impurities are not removed in time, they will be removed. It will bring trouble to grain processing, affect the quality of finished food, and bring great harm to human health. The Eversun vibrating screen effectively removes impurities from the grain and outlines the quality of the grain.

Recommended products:Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen. Industrial sieving machineTumbler screener.

We have the expertise of tobacco screening. We know that in tobacco processing, the size and uniformity of tobacco sheets have a great influence on the cutting process in the later stages of tobacco. If the rate of tobacco in the early stage is too high, The high filament rate of cut tobacco leads to quality problems during the tobacco rolling process. Therefore, our vibrating screen can effectively screen the tobacco sheets and cut tobacco, and separate the larger pieces of tobacco/smoke sheets from the shredded tobacco/smoke sheets.

Recommended products:Vibro sifter machineLinear vibrating screen.

Eversun can provide a complete solution for cassava industry,To provide quality assurance for products to enter the next production process.

Recommended products: Vibro sifter machineUltrasonic sieving machine. Linear vibrating screen.