Bucket Elevator

Capacity(m³/h): 15-800
Bucket capacity(L): 2.5-501.8
Speed of bucket(m/s): 0.5
Size of material(mm): 50-195

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What is Bucket Elevator?

As one kind of widely used conveyor, bucket elevator can elevate materials from low position to high position with high efficiency. For many industries, such as cement, coal, gypsum, limestone, dry clay and others, bucket elevator is always one must equipment for vertically lifting. It can be also used in food, chemical industries for conveying of bulk solids and granular materials. It is one very stable machine with simple structure.

Customized Bucket Elevator for any Industry

Features and Advantages of Bucket Elevator

  • Thick and strong structure guarantee lone service life and low maintain cost.
  • The lifting system is very stable with low noise, the materials elevated can be up to 250℃.
  • There are two forms of channel for choosing, single and dual. The conveying capacity can be increased more than 20% than other models.
  • The hoist chain has the features of high tensile strength and wear resistance to guarantee the stable conveying and long working life.

How to Choose the Right Model of Bucket Elevator

To guarantee you can choose the right bucket elevator, please communicate with our engineers, we will design the suitable model based on your real use situation and make sure your purpose can be realized.

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