Sand and coal dryer

Sand and coal dryer

Size: customized


Rotate speed: 5-2.09 rpm


Capacity:  2~46 tons/h or customized


Power: 11-400KW


Inclination angle: 1.8-2.5°


Application materials: sand, quartz sand, coal, ore, sawdust, grain, slag, etc

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Introduction of sand and coal dryer

The sand and coal dryer is a kind of drying machine specially used for drying materials such as sand and coal. It uses the heat energy generated by hot air or burning fuel to expose sand and coal with high humidity to a high-temperature environment to accelerate the evaporation of water, thereby achieving the purpose of drying.

Sand coal dryers are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, and other industries. It can handle sand and coal of various specifications and humidity and is suitable for the process needs of batch production and continuous production. According to the specific production requirements and material characteristics, different models and specifications of sand and coal dryers can be selected to meet different drying needs.

Sand and coal dryer

Structure of sand and coal dryer

Sand coal dryer usually consists of feeding device, drying cylinder, discharge device, hot air system, electrical control system, etc. The material enters the drying cylinder from the feed port and is continuously turned and heated in the cylinder. Through the circulating flow of hot air, the moisture inside the material is gradually evaporated. Finally, the dry sand and coal are discharged from the discharge port to complete the drying process.

Sand and coal dryer

Advantages of sand and coal dryer

EVERSUN sand coal dryer has the main advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, customized design, easy maintenance, and improved product quality, and is suitable for the drying needs of multiple industries.

(1) Efficient drying capacity: The sand and coal dryer can reduce the humidity of materials such as sand and coal to the required level in a relatively short period, improving production efficiency.

(2) Energy saving: The sand coal dryer adopts an advanced hot air circulation system, which can maximize the recovery and utilization of heat energy and reduce energy consumption.

(3) Environmental protection: This equipment is usually equipped with dust removal and emission control equipment to effectively control the emission of dust and exhaust gas, and meets environmental protection requirements.

(4) Customized design: The length, diameter, and inclination of the drying barrel of the sand coal dryer can be adjusted to meet the drying requirements of different materials.

(5) Improve product quality: Through the drying process, the humidity of the material is effectively controlled, which can prevent the product from getting damp or over-drying.

Sand and coal dryer

How to buy Sand and coal dryer

First of all, you need to clarify your drying needs, including the type of drying material, humidity requirements, output requirements, etc. Then, our professional engineers will help you choose a suitable model and specifications and design drawings. Finally, after confirming the order, sign a contract to produce and ship the goods for you. Contact us to customize your machine!

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