Powder Packing Machine

Measuring scope: 1-100g(3-100ml)

Bag size: Length: 30-170mm  width:30-100mm

Packing speed: 20-60 bags/min(Depends on the weight of the package)

Dimension(L*W*H): Customized

Error:±0.2%(Related to materials)

Total power: 220V/380V/50Hz/60Hz/1.4kw

Degree of automation: Full-automatic

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What is Powder Packing Machine?

Eversun powder packing machine is an advanced automatic packaging equipment, which is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, and other industries for automatic packaging of various powder and granular materials. The equipment is made of all stainless steel based on GMP standard, with the visual control system of HMI touch screen and PLC. Easy operation, accurate measurement, and high packaging efficiency meet the different needs of clients.

Powder Packing Machine

Features of Powder Packing Machine

  1. The whole machine realizes visual operation through the full computer touch screen, which is simple and convenient. Customers can set the packaging size, packaging quantity, packaging weight, and other parameters according to their needs. The internationally famous brand PLC control system can automatically complete a series of packaging processes such as bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, cutting, counting, and coding.
  2. Filling measurement is equipped with a servo drive motor, programmable automatic control, large torque, stable operation, and accurate measurement.
  3. Intelligent photoelectric control device to ensure the integrity of packaging and bag-making patterns. The pull bag adopts drive stepper motor control and color mark positioning, with stable performance, convenient adjustment, and accurate detection.
  4. The overall contact material parts and casing are made of 304/316 stainless steel, which meets the food and drug hygienic licensing standards.
  5. This machine has back seal, three-side seal, and four-side seal for customers to choose from. The cutting knife can choose one of three ways: flat knife, sawtooth, and dot-dash line.
  6. The design ensures that the machine is suitable for different industries and it is very convenient to adjust, operate and repair. It can be used in conjunction with various automatic production lines.

Packing MachineHow to Get the Right Model

Eversun machinery has a professional team of engineers who will provide you with information such as packaging size, material name, etc., and provide you with customized solutions. Please contact us today.


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