Semi-automatic Packing Machine

Semi-automatic Packing Machine

Type: Semi-automatic

Weighting: Automatic

Control system: Siemens PCL and HMI touch screen

Construction of material: SS304 / SS316

Filling speed: Adjustable

Packing speed: Adjustable

Power: 2.2kw

Price: 5000~20000USD

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What is Semi-automatic Packing Machine?

EVERSUN semi-automatic packing machine, also known as automatic filling machine, is designed by our professional engineers based on many years of production line experience. It is widely used in many industries of food, pharmacy, biology, and chemicals. Our packing machine can accurately fill various powders, granules, and other products into required packages, such as seasoner powder, dry powder, additives, drugs, flavors, sugar, medical powder, chemical powder, granules, coffee, glucose, and so on.

                                                 Semi-automatic packing machine production line

Our Advantages for Semi-automatic Packing Machine

  1. According to customer needs, the whole machine can be made of stainless steel 304/stainless steel 316
  2. Detachable hopper, convenient for daily cleaning, maintenance, and quick disassembly
  3. Using servo motor and optoelectronic switch control, it can accurately fill all kinds of bags, bags, cans, bottles, and other packaging materials
  4. The filling speed and filling weight can be adjusted according to the needs
  5. Using PLC control system, HMI operation interface, simple operation,
  6. Long service life and easy maintenance.

The EVERSUN semi-automatic packing machine can be used with our screw conveyor, vacuum feeder, and automatic sealing machine to realize automatic feeding and fast packing and improve work efficiency.

                                Semi-automatic Packing Machine with EVERSUN Automatic Sealing Machine

Choose the Right Packing Machine

To choose the right packing machine for yourself, please contact our engineers and let us know the details of your package, such as volume, the material of packages, and other necessary information we need. Our engineers will choose the most suitable packaging machine based on your actual use condition.

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