Seven precautions for daily use of centrifugal sifter

Seven precautions for daily use of centrifugal sifter

Centrifugal sifter machine is a new type of screening machine, which can be divided into vertical centrifugal sifter, horizontal centrifugal sifter and air bag centrifugal sifter.The screening range of the airflow screening machine is generally used in the lighter or extra fine powder and ultrafine powder industries. It can screen and classify powder materials below 500 mesh.The centrifugal sifter machine has the characteristics of high screening efficiency, wide use fineness, and accurate and non-mixed products. It is favored by many emerging industries.

The seven precautions for daily use of centrifugal sifter:

  • The mesh size must be determined.The mesh size of the screen is selected according to the actual material.Customers can also send materials to our factory, and we carry out material testing.
  • Screening standard mesh material should account for about 85% of the total material.
  • The name and the specific gravity of the actual screening material.
  • The particle size and water content of non-sieved materials.
  • The sieve machine actually processes the output.
  • Centrifugal sifter is not suitable for screening materials with high viscosity, water content greater than 5% and flammable and explosive materials.
  • With the same type of centrifugal sifter machine, the larger the screening material mesh, the lower the output.

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