The trend of linear vibrating screen in coal industry

The trend of linear vibrating screen in coal industry

The linear vibrating screen is widely used in important equipment in industries such as chemical, metallurgy, coal, ports, water conservancy and power.Among coal preparation plants and screening plants in the coal industry,The linear vibrating screen is mainly used in raw coal preparation and product processing, and plays an important role in achieving the rational use of coal resources, protecting the environment, and creating economic benefits for coal enterprises.

The current status of mine vibrating screens:vibrating screens are divided into resonant screens and inertial vibrating screens according to whether they are close to or far from the resonance frequency.At present, in the screening operation in the coal industry, the inertial vibrating screen widely used is divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen according to the characteristics of the movement trajectory when the screen surface works.The circular vibrating screen is mainly used for preparation screening and final screening; the linear vibrating screen is mainly used for dehydration screening, Desilting screening and demediating screening.Circular vibrating screens have been used in coal production for more than 40 years.The initial stage is mainly eccentric and simple inertia.The eccentric vibrating screen is not a complete elastic support,so the dynamic balance of the vibration system is not good,and the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation is large.While the center of the transmission belt wheel is not fixed when the simple inertial vibrating screen is working, the running stability is poor, and the life of the transmission belt is low,so the use of circular vibrating screen is mainly in self centering and its structure of the vibrator for pulley eccentric vibrator, mainly because of the spindle structure is simple.It is easy to process and manufacture vibrating screen for mining. It is developed on the basis of circular vibrating screen and is also called  biaxial  inertial vibration screen.In the initial stage, it is driven by a single motor and the gear was forced to drive, which makes the two shafts rotate relatively and synchronously to produce a directional vibration force.Because in this kind of working environment , the lubrication and sealing of the gear is easy to appear problems and affect the service life,so most of the linear vibrating screens with dual motors and no forced transmission are currently used.

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