How to separate black soldier fly larvae

How to separate black soldier fly larvae

Black soldier fly larvae and the waste they produce can then be utilized for a variety of different applications.The larvae are harvested to be used as a source of protein to feed animals in the agricultural industry, whilst the oil and frass produced are used respectively in biofuels, and as fertilizer.

The hatched Black Soldier Fly larvae are fed on pre-consumer organic food waste (such as used coffee grounds or brewers’ grain) in an indoor, environmentally controlled location. When the larvae have consumed enough organic waste and converted it into high-protein body mass, they are at a stage where the organic food waste can be turned into three valuable products: Insect Meal (protein), Insect Oil, and Frass (organic fertilizer).

One company originally used a manual process to sieve the larvae, but since this proved to be both labor and time intensive.Therefore, looking for another more effective method to effectively expand the scale, following the suggestions of other companies that use EVERSUN vibro sifter machines for similar purposes, EVERSUN Machinery provides innovative grading screens, and the output has been doubled.

With the installation of the EVERSUN screening machine, this entire process from larvae to packaged feed takes 12 days. The length of time taken for this process is incredibly quick, in comparison to other more traditional methods, such as growing soy plants, or fishmeal. Overall, the EVERSUN vibro sifter machine offers businesses a cost-effective, reliable solution across a variety of different industries. Not only is it incredibly versatile, suitable for wet or dry applications, but, with up to four screens to enable separation into 5 fractions in one go, is able to increase the output of product and efficiently separate waste.


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