Operation method of vacuum conveyor for cleaning

Operation method of vacuum conveyor for cleaning

Vacuum conveyor is a kind of mechanical equipment that relies on the suction of a vacuum pump to specifically transport particles and powdery materials. It uses the pressure difference between the vacuum and the environment to form the fluidity of the gas in the pipeline and promote it.Then push the powder material to complete the movement to complete the transportation of the overall powder.

In the process of using the vacuum conveyor, the products with different varieties or batch numbers are often replaced. At this time, the vacuum conveyor needs to be cleaned to ensure that the materials will not be contaminated during transportation. The cleaning of the vacuum conveyor is relatively simple, because this point has been fully taken into account in the design, so the cleaning of the vacuum conveyor is very convenient.

When the vacuum conveyor is to be cleaned, you should first loosen the quick-open clamp and take out the pneumatic vacuum pump assembly. Because the pneumatic vacuum pump, the air bag and the cover are all connected together, the pneumatic vacuum pump and the filter are blocked. The part does not need to be cleaned with water.

The second is to remove the filter assembly of the vacuum conveyor, and then use compressed air to blow the powder on the filter rod clean, and then repeatedly rinse with hot water. After washing, continue to use compressed air to remove the filter assembly. The water in the pores is removed. At this time, if the filter rod is blown back, it is very smooth, but if you hold your breath, it means that there is still water, and you need to continue to use compressed air for blowing. The last thing is to clean all the pipes in the vacuum hopper with water.

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