Vibro sifter machine can be effectively used for the screening of electrode powder

Vibro sifter machine can be effectively used for the screening of electrode powder

The coating of the electrode is crushed, sieved (classification, impurity removal), and then formed into the welding core by pressure coating, and then dried. After the coating of the electrode is crushed, particles of different sizes will appear. The vibro sifter machine needs to classify the required particles according to the production requirements and filter out the impurities, so that the particles of the material after the screening and removal are uniform. The quality of the manufactured electrode is also better.


After crushing, the raw material of electrode coating must be sieved, classified and removed. Vibro sifter machine is usually used. The rotary vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine. The working principle is that the vertical motor is used as the excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with eccentric weights to convert the rotation of the motor into horizontal, vertical and inclined The three-dimensional movement of the machine, and then transfer this movement to the screen surface. The vibro sifter machine has high screening efficiency, convenient screen change, and automatic discharge of impurities and coarse materials.

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