Application of vibrating screen in food industry

Application of vibrating screen in food industry

In the food industry, most food needs to be sieved, and seeds used in agricultural experiments need to be sieved through a vibrating screen. For example, instant noodle manufacturers, rice noodle and oatmeal manufacturers, and meat product manufacturers can use vibrating screens to increase production efficiency, save costs, and improve product quality.

However, users who produce fruit juice usually have special requirements. EVERSUN vibrating screen has a unique process and many experiments to ensure that no matter what kind of juice is sieved, the user can provide you with high-quality juice full of pulp.

Vibrating screen is very important piece of screening equipment, used for grading and screening raw materials of different sizes. Most commonly used in the mineral processing industry, the vibrating screen efficiently separates solid and crushed ores. This type of vibrating screen is composed of a vibration exciter, a screen frame, an ore slurry distributor, suspension springs, a mesh and a rack. With its electromagnetic vibrator, the screen creates an aggressive vibration which is applied directly on the screen, The electromagnetic vibrator is mounted on top of the screen and is connected to the screening surface.

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