The screening solution to the blockage of micro-powder materials

 The screening solution to the blockage of micro-powder materials

Micropowder materials refer to materials above 200 meshes. Due to the high mesh size of this type of materials, the fine powder materials will be blocked due to the accumulation on the screen surface during the production process. Then the vibrating screen will appear when the fine powder materials are sieved. How to solve the problem of screen blinding?

The problem of blinding the screen during the screening of micronized materials is mainly due to the high density of the material. After the material enters the screen surface, the accumulation problem will occur. If the accumulation of the micronized material is too large, it will cause the blinding the screen. For this problem of screen blinded, some old users will increase the motor’s excitation force to strengthen the force of the screen cleaning device to hit the screen surface to achieve an effective screen cleaning effect. This method can be applied to small-volume production, but the motor is excited. The adjustment range of the force also has a certain limit. Once there is a large output requirement, adjusting the motor’s excitation force cannot be effectively solved.

Due to the specific gravity and accumulation of micro-powder materials, it is difficult for ordinary net cleaning devices to perform effective net cleaning work on them. The micro powder vibrating screen abandons the traditional bouncing ball cleaning method and adopts a new type of ultrasonic cleaning device.

Micronized materials can effectively improve the screening accuracy and output under the action of the ultrasonic device (the output is 5-10 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen, and the screening accuracy can reach more than 95%). Due to the characteristics of the ultrasonic device, the material can be effectively solved. Screening problems such as blinding screen, sticking screen, adsorption, troupe, agglomeration, static electricity, light specific gravity, etc., are the recommended equipment for screening fine materials and materials with special properties.

Micro powder vibrating screen can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metal metallurgy and other industries, due to the impact of silicon carbide, quartz sand, electromagnetic positive and negative materials, laser powder, carbon powder, powder coating, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder ,malt powder, spore powder and other materials. EVERSUN Machinery vibrating screen manufacturer can provide users with various production solutions and assembly line design. If you encounter any difficulties in the production process,please consult us at any time.

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