Choosing the right sugar conveyor

Choosing the right sugar conveyor

Sugar, a common name for crystallized sucrose, is widely used throughout the world as a sweetener, as a source of energy, and as an ingredient in packaged and baked foods, confectionery, dairy products, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Whether granulated or powdered, sugar is of significant value to the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.How to choose the right sugar conveyor?

From regional bakers and food producers to global brands in the food, confectionery, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, our customers rely on our sugar conveying expertise, effective sugar handling solutions and durable pneumatic conveyng systems.

Typical Sugar Conveying System Consists Of:

  • Feed Station (Silo / Bulk Bag Discharge Station / Bag Dump)
  • Conveying Rotary Discharge Valve
  • Low-pressure Blower assembled as a compact unit on a frame

With a line of pneumatic conveying systems suitable for conveying all grades of granulated and powdered sugar, EVERSUN has been the vendor of choice for food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve issues for virtually any bulk sugar conveyance application.

The vacuum conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder and granular materials, such as bulk drug powder, chemical powder, metal oxide powder; capsules, tablets, pills, small food particles, etc.; not suitable for conveying too moist or sticky , overweight materials.

Our main product are Sieving machine,Vibro sifter machine,Ultrasonic sieving machine,Vacuum conveyor, Dumping station, Tumbler screening machine, Industrial sieving machine, Liquid filter, Rectangular gyratory sifter, Screw conveyor and etc.

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