The benefits of vacuum feeder

The benefits of vacuum feeder

Vacuum conveying is a modern way of powder and granule transportation, which has many benefits. When using a vacuum conveyor, the customer is using a closed system, in which no foreign matter will be mixed or any product will fall from the side to the surrounding area. This is also a very gentle way of transporting the product, which means that the product will be intact during the entire transportation process.

The plant for the vacuum conveying solution has a small footprint because the pipe can be strictly vertical from the suction point. The pipe is usually installed flush with the discharge point, so it will not conflict with other machinery. This means your customers can use space in a more cost-effective way.

Compared with mechanical conveying systems such as screw conveyors and belt conveyors, another important advantage of vacuum conveying is the dust-free working environment. Because the vacuum conveying is a closed system, you can improve the working environment and convey dangerous substances that need to be inhaled.

The vacuum conveyor has very few moving parts, which means that repair and maintenance costs can be kept at a very low level without sacrificing system reliability. You can disassemble the main body of the conveyor belt without using tools. The pump unit is designed with a separate vacuum module, which can be easily removed for cleaning, thereby reducing downtime.

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