Performance characteristics of resin powder vibrating screen

Performance characteristics of resin powder vibrating screen

The resin powder vibrating screen is a sieving and filtering equipment that has been continuously upgraded and improved, which is stable in use and reasonable in price.This machine has the advantages of long material running trajectory, high screen surface utilization, and high screening accuracy (up to 95%). By adjusting the phase angle of the weights at the upper and lower ends, the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface can be changed arbitrarily. And the speed of diffusion can even keep the material in a long-term circular motion on the screen surface.According to the three-dimensional motion of the rotary vibrating screen, the various screening characteristics can be adjusted by the angle of the upper and lower hammers, and various screening operations such as fine screening and probabilistic screening can be performed on materials. It is widely used in dry and wet 0-400 meshes. , Fine, rough, large and small specific gravity powders, particles can be easily filtered, 0-600 mesh slurry materials can be easily filtered.






















Performance characteristics of resin powder vibrating screen:

  1. Exquisite and durable design, low noise, continuous operation;
  2. Small size, not occupying space, easy to move;
  3. Mature technology, reliable quality, high stability and low operating cost;
  4. With high screening precision and high efficiency, it is suitable for screening and filtering various powders, particles, mucus and other materials;
  5. The screen is not clogged, no dust is spilled, and it can screen 0-400 mesh or 0.028mm;
  6. It is easy to change the screen, easy to operate and easy to clean. It only takes 3-5 minutes to change the network;
  7. Multiple layers can be used at the same time, up to 5 layers;
  8. Coarse materials and impurities are automatically discharged, and the direction of the discharge port can be adjusted at 360°.

The resin powder vibrating screen uses a vertical vibrating motor as the source of excitation, and the rotating motion is converted into horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion through the eccentric weight at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor, and is transmitted to the screen surface of the rotary vibrating screen; It enters the equipment through the inlet. According to different material screening requirements, the material passes through 1-5 layers of different mesh metal woven screens. In this process, the cleaning screen is located under the screens of each layer. The device (rubber bouncing ball) continuously hits the screen through frequency vibration, so that the materials on the screen can be smoothly screened through the screen, and effectively solve the problem of material blockage. The materials of different meshes pass through the screens of the corresponding meshes of each layer. The net is discharged at the discharge port of each layer, finally achieving the purpose of screening and removing impurities or filtering and grading.

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