What equipment is ideal for screening solder powder

What equipment is ideal for screening solder powder

The EVERSUN vibratory separatory is the ideal machine for grading solder powder.Solder powder is the key component to solder paste, representing nearly 90% of its mass.  The quality of the powder has a significant impact on the soldering performance, application qualities and storage properties of the solder paste.

As we all know,solder powder is difficult to screen effectively and therefore to compliment the sieve, a EVERSUN ultrasonic sieve clean system was installed onto the screens to prevent the solder from blinding the screen.

EVERSUN ultrasonic sieving machine is composed of ultrasonic vibration system and vibro sieving machine.With unique technology,the EVERSUN ultrasonic system will transmit high-frequency micro vibration to the mesh.Plus the original vibro of machine,the sieving output,quality and capacity can be dramatically increased.Also mesh can do perfect self-cleaning to reduce the downtime for our clients.

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