Conveying of metal silicon powder

 Conveying of metal silicon powder

After the metal silicon is crushed and ground, it is generally necessary to remove the larger impurities in the metal silicon powder to improve the yield and pass rate of the product. What equipment should be used for conveying of metal silicon powder?

A company has been engaged in the metal silicon powder industry for more than 20 years. Previously, it has been manual conveying or screw conveying. The result of this treatment is either high labor costs and low efficiency, or the screw conveyor takes up large space and is difficult to handle at corners. In short, the effect is not very satisfactory, but there has been no good substitute product, so I have always used it like this. At the exhibition, the company find EVERSUN Machinery, and after expressing his requirements to the EVERSUN engineer, the EVERSUN engineer recommended the EVERSUN vacuum conveyor.

The vacuum conveyor convey the metal silicon powder in a fully sealed pipeline. The filter element of the vacuum conveyor can achieve a filtration accuracy of 0.3 microns, which can achieve the separation of materials and air, and can effectively solve environmental protection. The problem is that the automatic conveying reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency. Moreover, it occupies a small space, which is especially suitable for the transformation of old production lines.

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