Wood flour vibrating screen

Wood flour vibrating screen

Wood flour has a wide range of uses and is a new type of environmentally friendly raw material. It can be used as a raw material for mosquito coils, leather, clothing, papermaking, electrical appliances, daily necessities, coatings, cat litter, chemicals, insulating materials, outdoor decoration materials, building materials and other products. Wood flour has many uses. It is mainly used as a filler in synthetic leather. In the wood reprocessing industry, disposable chopsticks and recycled boards such as plywood, compressed board, multilayer board, MDF and other materials are used as the edge of wood. It can also be made into stewed incense, Buddhist incense, fragrance, etc.

Wood flour vibrating screen is usually used for the removal and screening of wood flour. This equipment is a rectangular screening equipment, so it is also called a linear vibrating screen. The advantages of Eversun’s linear vibrating screen are as follows:

  1. Long service life. The wood flour vibrating screen produced by the vibrating screen attaches great importance to the structural design. The screen mesh frame is made of pine or steel and stainless steel mesh frame. The wood flour vibrating screen box has a screen frame mainly used to maintain The screen is flat to ensure stable screening, and is generally made of pine wood or materials that are not easily deformed; the wood flour vibrating screen box is welded with different steel plates, which has a certain strength and rigidity; thereby making the equipment as a whole Excellent quality, not only can effectively protect the internal core components of the equipment from damage, but also extend the service life of the equipment to a large extent.
  2. Fine powder discharging. The new generation of wood flour vibrating sieve discharging more evenly and removing impurities more vigorously. 5 layers of screens can be installed at the same time, divided into six grades, and the classification is more refined. If you want to simply remove impurities, install A layer of screen is also two discharge ports, one is for wood powder, and the other is for impurities. The function and role of the net are two. One is to effectively filter out impurities in the material, thereby improving The purity of the material; the second is to screen the material with unqualified particle size, so that the fineness of the powder output of the equipment is further improved.
  3. High production efficiency. The core component of the equipment-the quality of the vibrating motor has a direct impact on the production efficiency. The vibrating screen improves the production efficiency of the equipment. We use high-quality, high-specification, and high-performance motor components. , Thereby effectively improving the production capacity and output of the equipment, and at the same time also plays a vital role in the production efficiency of the wood flour vibrating screen.

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