What kind of screening equipment is good for separate limestone grits?

What kind of screening equipment is good for separate limestone grits?

Limestone grits is a white powdery/granule substance with calcium carbonate as the main component. The application range is very wide. The common one is calcium carbonate used in the construction industry, that is, industrial use; the other is food calcium carbonate, which is widely used as a common calcium supplement. So what kind of vibrating screening equipment should be used to remove impurities from lime powder and separate limestone grits?


The linear screen uses a vibrating motor as the vibration source and is driven by dual vibrating motors. When the two vibrating motors do synchronous and counter-rotating, the exciting force generated by the eccentric mass of the vibrating motor cancels each other out in the direction parallel to the axis of the vibrating motor. The direction perpendicular to the axis of the vibrating motor overlaps as a resultant force, so the operating track of the vibrating screen machine is a straight line. The two motor shafts have an inclination angle relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the exciting force and the material’s self-gravity, the material is thrown up and jumped forward on the screen surface to move forward in a straight line. The screens of various specifications are screened through different levels of screens. The upper material and the lower material are discharged from different outlets and flow into the silo or container, so as to achieve the purpose of screening the materials.


Main features of Eversun’s linear vibrating screen:

  1. Good airtightness and little dust spillage.
  2. Low energy consumption, low noise and long service life of the screen.
  3. High screening precision, large processing capacity and simple structure.
  4. Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge, more suitable for assembly line operation.
  5. Each part of the screen body is welded by rolled steel plates and profiles (part of the body is connected by bolts), the overall rigidity is good, firm, and reliable

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