Why do materials accumulate on the rectangular gyratory sifter equipment during screening?

Why do materials accumulate on the rectangular gyratory sifter equipment during screening?

The rectangular gyratory sifter is a kind of screening equipment with higher operating efficiency. If you look at the trajectory of the screen box that is the shaker of the screen, the rectangular gyratory sifter can also be called a reciprocating screen.When some users use the rectangular gyratory sifter, they will encounter the accumulation of materials on the surface of the equipment drying screen. Why? How should we deal with this situation?

During the operation of the swing screen, if a large amount of screening material is added at one time, it will inevitably cause material accumulation and may even damage the screen.Therefore, it is necessary to add materials uniformly, and do not blindly add in order to increase the screening yield. It must be appropriate. This may be a mistake that many users often make during use.

When the equipment is in the sieving movement, the materials smaller than the aperture of the screen surface fall to the lower layer through the sieve holes and become the under-sieve.If the user selects the rectangular gyratory sifter equipment, the selected screen mesh does not match the size of the material to be screened,this means that the required sieve aperture is too small, which will inevitably affect the penetration rate, and the appropriate sieve aperture should be selected.

Because the material larger than the screen surface aperture needs to be discharged from the discharge port after continuous tumbling motion, if the discharge port of the rectangular gyratory sifter is too high, the qualified materials screened out will not be discharged in time.This will cause the material on the screen surface of the screen to accumulate, so we should adjust the square swing screen equipment to a suitable height.

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