How to transport acetylene black without dust

How to transport acetylene black without dust

Acetylene black is an extremely fine powder with a black appearance, with a bulk density of 0.2~0.3g/cm³. The specific surface area is 55~70m²/g, the purity of acetylene carbon black is very high, and the carbon content is more than 99.5%. Acetylene black is used as the negative electrode material of nickel-metal hydride batteries together with chromium oxide and electrolyte.

The transportation of acetylene black must be sealed if it is to be dust-free. Airtight conveying has positive pressure conveying and negative pressure conveying, and how to choose. Positive pressure will spray out only a little gap in the equipment. Positive pressure is not optional. Only the negative pressure vacuum feeder is suitable for the transportation of acetylene black.

Vacuum conveying has a good dust-proof effect; it is easy to realize mechanization and automation, can reduce labor intensity and save manpower; during the conveying process, a variety of technological operations can be carried out at the same time, such as mixing, crushing, sorting, drying, and cooling; to prevent the material from being damp , Pollution or mixed with debris, etc., so it has been applied in casting, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, food processing and other industries.

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