Application of grinder machine

Application of grinder machine

The grinder machine is simple in structure, firm, stable in operation, easy to clean, and has a good crushing effect. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding cavity of the main engine. The particle size can be obtained by replacing the mesh screen with different apertures. The grinder machine is made of all stainless steel materials. The inner wall of the casing of the universal crusher is machined to achieve a smooth surface, which has changed the phenomenon of rough inner wall and powder accumulation of the previous models, and made the production of medicines, foods, and chemicals more in line with national standards and GMP requirements.Universal grinder machine is a practical model commonly used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, chemical factories, hospital preparation rooms, clinics, outpatient departments, research institutes, health care products factories, building materials factories, feed factories and other units. Generally, the crushing fineness of materials is 120 mesh.

The grinder machine is suitable for industries such as pharmacy, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, construction and so on.For processing hard and difficult to pulverize materials, including pulverizing plastics, copper wires, Chinese herbal medicines, rubber, etc., it can also be used as a supporting equipment for the pre-processing of micro pulverizers and ultra-fine pulverizers.The powder chamber adopts a fully enclosed sound-absorbing structure, which can effectively reduce working noise.The machine is equipped with a cooling device to reduce the temperature of the machine and work more smoothly. The motor speed of the machine is 5000 rpm.

The grinder machine adopts an impact crushing method. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is impacted by six movable hammers rotating at a high speed. The ring gear and the material collide with each other to be crushed. The crushed material enters through the sieve with the help of air flow. Powder bag, leaving no residue.It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable work performance and product quality, safe operation, hygienic medicine and low loss.

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