Precautions when using ultrasonic vibro sieving machine

What do you have to do when working with an ultrasonic vibro sieving machine?


The ultrasonic vibro sieving machine can filter out some unnecessary impurities, and what must be done at work? Let’s take a look at it together.


Ultrasonic vibro sieving machine is designed to add the ultrasonic system based on our X-Grade series of three-dimensional vibro sieving machines. It can excellently sifted the heavy, light, ultra-fine and strong adsorption powder which can not be separated by ordinary sieving machines and complete the screening process of all difficult-to-screen powder materials. In the sieving process, the X-Grade series of ultrasonic vibro sieving machines realize the fine powder screening operation by ultrasonic acceleration, which effectively solve the problems of sieve blocking caused by difficult-to-screen materials due to adhesion, high static electricity, easy agglomeration and other factors. The accuracy and throughput of the network problem are also greatly improved.


Precautions for use of ultrasonic vibrating sieving equipment

  1. The bolts of the transducer and the grid should be tightened and checked regularly for looseness.
  2. According to the different materials to be screened, pay attention to the position where the ultrasonic generator is placed, andkeep the equipment away fromany conductive powder.

3, when the machine do not work well, if you can not eliminate it yourself, please contact CVS machine group for further assistance, please do not open the chassis to avoid electric shock.

  1. Theinterfacesfor connecting the cable must be tightened and checked regularly for looseness.
  2. When the noise in the chassis is too loud, replace the fan of the same specification in time.
  3. In the case of meeting the production requirements, the smaller the output power, the better.
  4. The ultrasonic generator should be placed in a well-ventilated place to facilitate heat dissipation and extend the service life of the system.
  5. The sievemust betight, otherwise it will affect the vibration effect.


The above 8 articles are the precautions at work. The website will update the contents of the vibro sieving machine regularly, and please subscribe us for more info.