Powder solutions for vacuum conveyor

 Powder solutions for vacuum conveyor

Common powdered foods include milk powder, tea powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder, soybean powder, wheat flour and chili powder. Powders are discrete discrete solid particles ranging in size from nanometers to millimeters, which usually flow freely when shaken or tilted.

A powder manufacturer previously purchased a circular vibrating screen from us, and the effect was very good, but because the powder needs to be transported to another place after screening, it has always been manually handled and the space is small, so this powder manufacturer contacted the EVERSUN engineer and told the EVERSUN engineer that the EVERSUN engineer recommended the EVERUSN vacuum conveyor.

The powder vacuum conveyor can effectively transfer materials from one place to another place. The vacuum conveyor is characterized by a closed chamber to contain materials, and a vacuum mechanism that uses suction to transport materials along the material. A more specific example is a grain storage container, which can sometimes be equipped with a hose with one end at the highest point of the chamber and the other end at the lowest point of the receiving tank. There is a valve at the bottom of the tank to maintain pressure when vacuum is used. The suction of the vacuum pump pulls the material through the hose to the inlet of the receiving tank that finally contains the material. When the chamber is full, the vacuum pump will shut down. The pressure valve is opened and the material is discharged into the chamber.

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